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Schaefer and Associates is an extremely professional property management firm.  As a Tenant in one of the properties that Eric Schaefer manages, from day one you feel welcomed and you know you have a resource at your fingertips for any questions relating to the property or your tenancy.  Schaefer and Associates goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience as a Tenant is tremendous.  As someone who personally has a commercial real estate background, I would be more than ecstatic to have Schaefer and Associates manage a property that I own.  If you are looking for a professional, top notch property management firm in the Valley or are a Tenant looking for a location for your business, look no further than Schaefer and Associates.

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To Whom it May Concern:

It is with the greatest confidence that I recommend Schaefer & Associates Commercial Real Estate for both property management and leasing services. As an absentee property owner, I am confident that my properties are well managed. Schaefer & Associates is responsive, detail-oriented and my tenants have routinely complimented me and said that the property “has never been better” since Schaefer took over.

My buildings have higher-than-average occupancy and I’m confident that my tenants are happy and will renew their leases.

Simply put: the difference between my previous property manager and Schaefer & Associates is night and day. With their integrated approach to leasing and management, I can rest easy knowing that my investment is managed by a company that takes care of my buildings with the same care and attention as if they own then.

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“My father and I have owned four commercial properties in the Scottsdale Airpark since 2004. From the beginning, we have used Schaefer & Associates as our property manager. Through good real estate cycles and bad, Eric and Don Schaefer have been consistent in their professionalism and high touch approach to managing our properties. As a result, we have developed excellent relationships with our tenants and I think this has helped us maintain higher occupancy rates through the most recent market downturn.

The Schaefer’s operate with the highest degree of integrity and are quick to communicate both good and bad news. This transparency is important because it allows us to be highly responsive and proactive when making decisions on property and tenant issues.

The Schaefer’s have a deep understanding of the market and we have relied on their expertise when negotiating new leases and extensions.They have done an excellent job leading these lease negotiations.

Overall, we have a very strong relationship with Eric and Don Schaefer. They have earned our highest degrees of respect and trust. They are a key reason for our success in the Airpark and we look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.”


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