Description of Services

Schaefer & Associates, LLC is a commercial real estate brokerage and management company based in Scottsdale , Arizona . The company was formed in 1995 to continue the commercial real estate brokerage activities of Donald L. Schaefer, its founder and principal, which began in 1978. The company represents clients in the acquisition, management and sale of commercial real estate. Our professional services include the following:

  • Client representation in the acquisition of commercial investment real estate including determining investment criteria, identification of potential acquisitions, evaluation investment opportunities and “due diligence” procedures.
  • Property management services including lease administration, property maintenance and financial reporting.
  • Asset management services including market evaluation, administration of property insurance and real estate taxes, financing, marketing strategies and asset performance evaluation.
  • Leasing and marketing of properties which are in our management portfolio.
  • Client representation in the sale of commercial investment real estate including pricing strategies, preparation of offering information packages, identification of prospective purchasers and coordination of exposure to the marketplace.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple: We strive to treat our clients, tenants and vendors the same way that we would like to be treated. This philosophy can be demonstrated by something as simple as promptly returning telephone calls or as complex as resolving lease disputes. We take a “hands on” approach in every facet of our business operations whether it is the evaluation of a prospective acquisition or the administration of the ongoing maintenance responsibilities. We know “what is happening” with our properties and tenants!

Schaefer & Associates, LLC has established long-term relationships with our clients, tenants and vendors. We have never lost a management assignment, except as the result of a property sale, and we pride ourselves in the loyalty of our client base. We try to not give tenants reasons to move and have achieved an admirable record of lease renewal conversion. Our vendors are paid promptly and provide us with high levels of service and competitive pricing.

We are particular about our properties and clients. Our reputation is our most valuable asset.

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